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MicroMagic carries an impressive selection of rapid battery chargers for portable radios. Below you will find a complete list of our radio chargers with specifications detailing which models and units they work with. After finding the right charger for your radio, you can easily request a pricing quote by filling out our online form.

Contact the team at MicroMagic for further assistance; we are always available to answer your questions regarding our portable chargers and the other radio products that we offer!


Model Description
CH10A07 PD500/600/700/PT580 Rapid-Rate Charger (Li-ion / Ni-MH) with PS1014 AC Adapter
CH10A04 PD702/782 Rapid-Rate Charger with PS1014 AC Adapter
CH10L15 X1/ Z1p Charger Dual Pocket with PS1014 Power Supply
CH10L16 X1 / Z1 Rapid rate Charger Dual Pocket with PS1014 Power Supply
CH10L20 PD362 Charger for BL2009 battery
CH10L23 BD5 Rapid-Rate Charger (Li-ion / Ni-MH) with AC Adapter
CH10L24 PD36X Desktop Charger used with POA129 micro USB port, dual pocket design
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