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Surveillance Kits Ear Phone Connection Hawk Lapel Mic for  XTS Radios

With our new portable surveillance earpieces and systems, take advantage of the latest in radio technology for an affordable price. We have 1-wire and 2-wire microphone surveillance kits available, and both come complete with a host of unique features.

 Above all else you can expect quality when you order products from us, and these kits are no exception. Whether you want the Agent-Y4, a single-wire earpiece with a swivel ear loop, or the Signal-K1, a 2-wire kit, we can help you find what you need.

Browse our complete selection of surveillance systems below and request a quote today for pricing information. Contact us to learn more about any of our products!




1-Wire Microphone Surveillance Kit

SKU Description
Agent-M1 Single-Wire Earpiece with sturdy "C" swivel earloop
Agent-Y4 Single-Wire Earpiece with sturdy "C" swivel earloop
V4-BA2VF1 Breeze, Lightweight behind-the-head single speaker w/PTT
EAM1325 Earbud with D-Ring Earhook and in-line PTT, TC-320
EAN16 Earpiece with on-Mic PTT & transparent acoustic tube
EHN16 DMR C-EARSET for PD 70X/78X, PT580H
EHN12 D-Earset with in-line Mic & PTT (with screw)
EHS12 Earhook Earset With In-Line PTT, TC-320

2-Wire Microphone Surveillance Kit

SKU Description
Signal-K1 2-Wire Kit for TK-3160/3360
Signal-M1 2-wire kit
Signal-Y4 2-Wire Kit for VX- 350/420
Director Y-5 2-Wire earpiece unit with clear/black Tube with Y5 connector

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