Speaker Microphones

Speaker Microphones

All of the microphones we offer come with useful features like waterproof speakers, noise canceling sound, compact shoulder functionality, and so much more. You can browse our complete list of speakers below to choose the one the best suits your needs.

If you would like to purchase any of these microphones please submit a quote request form with us today. Simply fill out our online form, provide us with your contact information and order details, and we will respond to you in no time.

For more details regarding any of our products, or if you have questions about MicroMagic in general, give us a call today.




SKU Description
MH-360S Compact Shoulder Speaker Microphone, VX-230/350
MH-450S Compact Shoulder Microphone, VX-230/350/530
MH-45B4B Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone, VX-230/350
MH-66A7A Submersible Noise Canceling Speaker Microphone, VX-820/920
MH-50D7A Public Safety Speaker Microphone with toggle switch VX-820/920
MH-50C7A Heavy duty waterproof speaker mic, VX-537
JMMN4073 Remote Speaker Microphone, EX500/600
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